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Critics Consensus: Boarding Gate has little substance beneath its faux-thriller surface, and marks a step down from director Olivier Assayas' usual work. Critics Consensus: The belabored noir plotting feels unbelievable, thus removing any sense of suspense. Now take a load off for erotic movies ranked worst to best by Tomatometer! Critics Consensus: Respected director Chen Kaige's first English-language film is a spectacularly misguided erotic thriller, with ludicrous plot twists and cringe-worthy dialogue. Critics Consensus: The unerotic sex scenes quickly become tedious to watch, and the lovers lack the personality necessary to make viewers care about them. Critics Consensus: A piece of lovely dreck, The Blue Lagoon is a naughty fantasy that's also too chaste to be truly entertaining.

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Mira. Age: 22.
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Synopsis: Nomi, an attractive drifter, arrives in Las Vegas with plans to become a dancer.

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Holland. Age: 23.
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Critics Consensus: An ostensible erotic thriller that's largely neither erotic nor thrilling, Jade marks one of several unfortunate low points for aggressively sexual mid-'90s cinema. Critics Consensus: The Boy Next Door may get a few howls out of fans of stalker thrillers, but for most viewers, it won't even rise to "so bad it's good" status. Directed By: Paul Schrader. Synopsis: Enter the Void director Gaspar Noe helms this 3D envelope-pushing, non-linear narrative examining modern love and sexual desires Set in French Indochina in , the Critics Consensus: No consensus yet.

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