Bikinis are innapropriate

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I was shocked, to say the least, to learn that the once fashion essential -- the little black dress -- of my Florida wardrobe was as old as Of course, I haven't worn a bikini in a couple of decades, three to be exact. It got me thinking anyway about how a much-younger me paraded around on the beaches of Cape Canaveral and Cocoa Beach in nothing more than four fabric triangles held together with string.

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Here's a question for those of you who are 47 and older: Have you ever put on a bikini and wondered "Hmm, will other women judge me mercilessly for wearing a two-piece at my age? And it's "yes. Today our friends at the Daily Mail published the results of a survey on when women should stop wearing certain items.

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As a nation we're still debating whether women who wear yoga pants in public are in fact the harbingers of the apocalypse, when along comes Yvette Harvie-Salter in her Glassons swimsuit this week. Despite the fact she was in a private, adult-only spa with her partner. I wish I could say I was surprised when I heard the story.

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Debating bikinis on toddlers can get ugly. Some find it cute, some find it offensive. And it can lead to deeper conversations about feminism and sexuality.

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Parents do a lot of weird things — you can check out our Oh Mother section for proof of that — but one thing that we never really considered weird is toddler two-piece bathing suits. Apparently though, there are some moms out there who find this type of swimwear just wrong — and one of them took to a UK parenting site Mumsnet to express her displeasure with these sorts of suits. Which honestly is kind of confusing since the premise of her entire argument is that these bathing suits are inappropriate and too adult-like.

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Follow topics like career advice, lifestyle or health. All rights reserved. I'm going to a work conference and we're going to have some down time to be outside at the pool amazing, I know!

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As a born-and-raised beach girl, one of my favorite things to wear in the summer is a seriously adorable bikini. Half the time I always have one under my clothes during the hot months, so I'm never not prepared for a spontaneous beach trip or pool lounging. Bonus points of an itsy bitsy bikini: You don't have to worry about getting weird tan lines from your bathing suit.

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This piece of clothing was considered so scandalous that mainstream models refused to wear it. This small piece of swimwear was considered so risque that Mr. As the first bikini hit the public scene, it stirred up quite the controversial discussion.

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Everyone should spend at least one day at the beach with their butt out. It was the norm in South America at the time for women, and even some men, to wear colaless literally bottomless bikinis. My mom was slender, tanned, and fit thanks to her love of Jazzerciseso you bet she looked killer in that bikini with its V-hips when she finally caved in and bought her first colaless bikini.

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How are they any different from wearing lingerie to the pool? With summer break now in full-swing, my Facebook newsfeed is chock full of commentary on the great debate over two-piece swimsuits — and I for one am over it. So you rush her to the bathroom. Yes, they may lurking be in public places like the library, the park, and the community pool.


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