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The effects of age on manhood are numerous and not always pleasant. Age is a cruel mistress. On the one hand, it supposedly comes with wisdom, feeling more comfortable in your skin and being liberated from sweating the small stuff.

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Does penis size matter? Well, what better way to get an idea of what people you sleep with think about your penis than ask the people you sleep with. And research has shown that around 45 per cent of you have something of a hang-up about how hung you are.

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How big? I thought I would give it a go, so I guess my expectations were really low. One guy that I slept with, he had a big frame but he had a really tiny dick.

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Depending on where you're from, the procedure is done for medical, religious, or traditional reasons. From a medical perspective, Circumcision is the surgical removal of the foreskin, the tissue covering the head glans of the penis. During a circumcision, the foreskin the retractable roll of skin covering the end of the penisis freed from the head of the penis, and the excess foreskin is trimmed off.

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Does your partner have a thick penis? Does his sheer girth intimidate you? This is particularly true if your man has a combo type of thick and long.

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Jonah Falcon said his A man who claims to have the 'world's biggest penis' said his 'massive manhood' destroyed his acting career - but helped him bed Oscar winning celebrities. But while he may not be landing any major Hollywood roles, Jonah, who lives in Los Angeles, claims celebrities seek him out for sex.

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Bigger, wider, smoother. GQ investigates four revolutionary treatments that are set to break men's most intimate nip-and-tuck taboos. Brace yourself

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The tweetsince deleted but screen-captured hereis as low as a blow can go. Like calling any woman fat or ugly or both! It is the verbal equivalent of a kick in the balls, because it avers the man is not just less of a man, but a shitty lover. What possibly could Alvarrez say to such an accusation?

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The beauty of a man with a thick penis is He can hit all kinds of "right" places without even trying, and you never need to worry about finding positions for a tight fit 'cause it's all a tight fit. Here's how to best enjoy that glorious thing.

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