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Verified by Psychology Today. Myths of Desire. And what is enough sex anyway?

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Matt, a year-old data analyst from Texas, and his wife dated for seven years before getting married in After they moved in, however, he says things changed. Their sex life became inconsistent.

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Editor's Note: Every Monday, Lori Gottlieb answers questions from readers about their problems, big and small. Have a question? Email her at dear.

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You are the one who makes sure everything has its license. You are the one who is thinking about summer camp registration in April. You make all the appointments… dentists, doctors, mammograms, Algebra tutoring.

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Every relationship can go through dry spells when your partner is suddenly less interested in sex than you. It may a short-term problem related to stress at work or other issues that have driven your partner to distraction. Even more commonly, a sudden, hectic schedule—ranging from end-of-year exams to a do-or-die work deadline—can leave your partner exhausted and uninterested in anything more than sleep or a night in front of the TV.

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Then they both moved to New York City where, without 2, miles separating them, things were supposed to be easy. Jila is a full-time grad student and holds a retail gig on the side. Their apartments are a minute train ride apart.

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Lissa Rankin of Owning Pink. How can you make scheduled nookie sessions seem slightly more spontaneous? Even if it feels planned, a quickie in the shower before work is a great start to anyone's day.

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Mismatched sexual desires can use can have a greater impact on a relationship than you might think. Relationships change over the years. If you're one of the many couples who find themselves having a lot less sex than they did when they started dating, you're not alone.

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Sex in a new relationship is always pretty fantastic: It happens constantly, it's exciting to discover each other's bodiesand the two of you usually can't get enough of each other. If you're really lucky, the sex can last that way well into a long-term committed relationship, and you'll live happily sexually ever after. That said, sometimes sex between exclusive partners can start to dwindle over time.

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The first time I laid eyes on Debbie, I was gobsmacked: golden hair, full lips, perfect body beneath a lemon-yellow summer dress. But the idea struck without warning: Marrying this woman would make my life perfect. Months of this. Her sense of humor was as wondrous as her looks.


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