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In Girls 1. Given its representational rarity and father-daughter discomfort, this penis shot may provoke a surprised gasp or laugh of commiseration, but ultimately it departs from indulging the symptomatic anxiety Lehman diagnoses: Tad is not the butt of a penis-size or any joke; his virility is not impugned; his character is sympathetic and relatable. Thanks so much for this

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In Damned 1the first of a three-part miniseries from DC's adult Black Label imprint, we were blessed with a glimpse of Batman's dong, and to the surprise of absolutely nobody, the caped crusader is circumcised:. Even without canonical images of Bruce Wayne's penis, anyone with half a brain could have guessed the Dark Knight didn't have a foreskin. Batman is the type of hero who would believe that this form of body modification is the hygienic way to be.

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The year-old dramatically returned from a long Twitter hiatus to make the announcement. Did I miss anything? Behind the scenes of "Important" with markruffalo and josswhedon for savetheday.

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But, there's a catch As per every American election since probably time immemorial, celebrities have rallied together to get the public to vote. In the past they've tried social media campaigns, T-shirts, stickers and even performing at election rallies.

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Also: He claims to have diagnosed his own brain tumor, by dreaming about it. Like, all the damn time. The Average Joe lunch-pail guy?

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April 6th,pm. TMI, Mark. He spoke with journalists about his upcoming role as The Hulk in The Avengers, particularly addressing his time spent in a motion capture suit.

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The Avengers: Age of Ultron star will be playing the giant green beast in the superhero sequel and he has given the monster's love life some thought. It's a question comic book fanatics have no doubt pondered a few times over the years - how do our favourite characters make love? Superpowers are great, but they must make things awkward, particularly for a character as large and unstable as The Hulk.

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We look at six different gaming franchises that have vanished. We're hurting for more games in these series, so what is the holdup? Still Minestarring beloved actor James Cromwell in what's shockingly his first major leading role, is a deeply moving and unexpectedly funny Canadian film about overcoming adversity with wide ranging appeal beyond the age of the stars involved.

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They said a lot of nice things about each other in the press, and you got the feeling that they just had a lot of respect for each other. Bomer is still a cisgendered white guy though, which means there was a lot of backlash when Mark Ruffalo had a hand in casting Bomer as a transgender woman in the upcoming film Anything. It forced me and I suspect many other people to confront the reality of what Hollywood is doing.

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Posted Thursday, April 5th, Still he suffered a trauma of filming in motion-capture suits. It was smoky, it was hell, and I felt really uncomfortable. You know how most women like tough men?


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