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Leonardo da Vinci is one of the best personalities at any point lived. His interest and hunger for information have thrived mankind in a way which others can simply envision. He will have his th death anniversary this year on May 2nd.

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The homoerotic character of his work has been plain to see for over half a millennia, already. The adolescents in his portraiture are evil flirts. Questions are still being asked about Da Vinci today: Are these men or women in his pictures?

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The ultimate renaissance man, Leonardo was felt to represent not only humanity but also divinity itself. His famous drawing of Vitruvius Man demonstrates the perfection of the proportions of the human figure. Besides his amazing notebooks, he created the most famous religious painting in the world and, of course, the most famous portrait ever.

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While everyone seems to have extremely strong opinions about the man, no one - biographer or historian - has conclusive evidence about whether Leonardo was straight, gay, bi-sexual or asexual. My best guess is that his sexual preferences changed according to his age, his social setting, and the emotional and political pressures brought to bear upon him. As a young apprentice in Andrea Verrocchio's bottega, Leonardo was surrounded by lots of "pretty boys" who had little or no money to spend on whores, so homosexual behavior was perhaps more a necessity than a choice. When Leonardo was nineteen, he and three other Florentine youths two of whom were relatives of the Medici were arrested by the church's vice squad - the Officers of Night - on a charge of "sodomy.

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As one of the foremost intellects of world history, his brilliance survives today in artwork, statues and notebooks found throughout Italy and beyond. But for all his fame, da Vinci remains a bit of an enigma. What we do know about him paints a picture of immense genius — one of the most prolific minds of his day, if not always one of the most focused.

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Leonardo da Vinci was an important Italian artist within the Renaissance. His portrait Mona Lisa and his religious scene The Last Supper rank among the most famous pictures ever painted. When Leonardo was about 15, he moved to the nearby city of Florence and became an apprentice to the artist Andrea del Verrocchio.

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Leonardo da Vinci. How do we know Leonardo was gay? When he was twenty-four years old, Leonardo was arrested, along with several young companions, on the charge of sodomy.

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We don't know if Leonardo was gay. Frankly, it's none of our business who if anyone or what if anything titillated Leonardo's libido years after the fact, but let's give those who do care some information. Smarter people have said that, yes, Leonardo was gay.

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The personal life of Leonardo da Vinci 15 April — 2 May has been a subject of interest, inquiry, and speculation since the years immediately following his death. Leonardo has long been regarded as the archetypal Renaissance mandescribed by the Renaissance biographer Giorgio Vasari as having qualities that "transcended nature" and being "marvellously endowed with beauty, grace and talent in abundance". Leonardo was born on 15 April"at the third hour of the night" [3] in the Tuscan hill town of Vinciin the lower valley of the Arno River in the territory of the Republic of Florence.

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Silvano Vinceti believes the famous painting is an amalgamation of two models: Lisa Gherardini and Gian Giacomo Caprotti. Who was the Mona Lisa based on? He stayed for the next two decades. Gherardini married Francesco del Giocondo, whose family owned an extravagant villa during the period in which da Vinci painted the Mona Lisa between and


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