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Following a quick lesson from Caleb on spying techniques, Aria instructed Emily to approach Driscoll and clone her phone. Jenna is given an ultimatum to conspire with the Liars, after Mona implies that Marshall's partnership with Noel would send both of them to prison. She shares only kind words, mentioning Ali's visit to her in the hospital, further claiming that she made her stronger and more in touch with her identity. However, it seems the file makes its way into "A"'s hands anyway, when a figure is seen gingerly retrieving the pages from the water. In it, the girls find several papers but their investigation process is interrupted by the sound of someone slowly opening the door. It is undisclosed whether Jenna knew if she was talking to Hanna. As Jenna is turning to leave, Aria again offers her tea, informing her that while she didn't know Shana, Jenna could tell her all about Shana.

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She wants Emily to return the document, so she can protect her secret of having forced her step-brother into a sexual relationship.

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Jenna Marshall

During a conversation afterward, it is revealed that they wrote the note to Jason, making him suspect of murdering his own sister, and that Jason figured out that he is not the culprit. Jenna tells Aria that her parents gave Toby a warning: if he kept setting off fireworks from his tree house, he'd be sent away to boarding school. He argues with Jenna about her arrival to town though she assures him that her intentions are to solely make amends. As Emily asks Driscoll what she's doing at the Optometrists, Marshall explains that Sydney was her ride, before asking if it posed a problem. Once Hanna successfully fabricates a story to the police on how she went to Hollybrook to track down the girl Kahn pushed down a flight of stairs at a frat party, Mona purposely bumps into Marshall at The Radley.

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