12 gauge buckshot wall penetration

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T he shotgun is, by far, the deadliest and most formidable, effective firearm ever created for short range personal defense. No other firearm will devastate, disable, or discourage an aggressor as reliably as a shotgun. No other firearm is as likely to obtain decisive hits on an assailant as a shotgun loaded with buckshot.

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There is one distinctive sound no gun enthusiast would ever mistake—the sound of a pump-action shotgun be racked. Fortunately, a lot of other people who are not shooting sporting purists understand the implications of a pump shotgun being racked as well. While the sound is a great deterrent, you may not always be in a position to let an intruder or adversary know that you are armed or wish to give an auditory indication of your location and in the process give a foe a tactical advantage.

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What is the best shotgun ammo for home defense? The shotgun is one of the most popular firearms for home defense. Of course, we all want something powerful and easy to use when we talk about home protection.

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If you listen to the mainstream media, then the standard 5. The truth is that almost everyone, once they start thinking about home defense, starts to think about overpenetration. In other words: what if I miss the bad guy? Where will the bullet go?

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View Full Version : 4 or 00 buck for home defense? I know there are threads about this, but main question is about effectiveness vs overpenetration. Is 4 as effective?

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Here for your favorite black gun links, build photos, questions and other tactical or practical info. Everyone is a Range Safety Officerif it seems unsafe call it for a cease fire! Suicide is a serious problem all around the world.

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Decisions, decisions, decisions… it seems like when it comes to defending your family there is a lot of them. Caliber, type, make, model, ammunition, stopping power, capacity, training, and the omnipresent legal repercussions—self-defense is a hailstorm of life or death choices and another one of these and one that is often neglected is over-penetration. Situation and terrain determine tactics and nowhere is this more evident than when firing a gun inside a closed environment like your home.

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This post was contributed by a community member. The views expressed here are the author's own. I have had a couple of comments where people have asked why is the only thing I seem to comment on firearm related

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View Full Version : 12 gauge home defense round over penetration concern. Title mostly states it but I'll elaborate a bunch. I'm one of the "Mossberg from Big 5" suckers:p In most of the searches I've read, 00 buck was always mentioned.

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For many reasons, shotguns are considered the ideal home defense weapon. At short range, they are extremely deadly. For home defense, this is an ideal situation. In the event that someone were to break into your home, a shotgun should be the first weapon you reach for.


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