Heat guns to strip

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Knowing when and how to use a heat gun for paint removal will make your project go more smoothly. It will also decrease the chances of injuring yourself while doing it. Here's a guide to help get you started.

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This hand picked variety will find you the best paint stripper gun, strong enough to peel the coating of paint on any surface which you plan to implement a fresh layer. Heat guns supply an absolute and concentrated heat on the surface to be peeled, making them less hazardous for high temperatures. See our wallpaper steamers.

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Paint stripping can be a messy, time-consuming task. It comes with an LCD screen that takes the guesswork out of using a heat gun. It also comes with several useful attachments, which can shape the airflow for more precise applications, and to make common tasks more efficient.

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Did you know that there are other ways to strip paint other than using paint stripper? Its true! If you are a long time Vintage Revivals reader you may remember Vicki.

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Disclaimer: None of our reviews are sponsored. We earn a commission when you purchase items through our links. Heat guns are a versatile tool that is used in DIY projects to commercial settings.

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Armed with my new Skil hot air gun I took on the task of removing all the old paint that has built up over years and years of painting. Having never used a hot air gun before I was surprised at the speed of the entire operation. And although there was mess, it was easily contained on a dropcloth.

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Electric heat guns have now largely replaced the 'old fashion' paraffin and bottled gas blowlamps for stripping paint on timber. The paraffin and bottled gas blowlamps still have a place in the tool kit where electricity is not readily available but they have to be used with care to avoid scorching the wood, setting fire to the stripped paint or cracking the glass when working on a window frame. The hot air flow of a heat gun is less dangerous than a naked flame but it can still cause highly flammable items to catch fire, crack glass and injury if directed onto skin.

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Heat guns are versatile and powerful tools used in thermally processing a range of materials. Since this tool has quite an array of applications, the goal is to find the best heat gun for paint removal. It can come as a basic heating tool or one equipped with advanced capabilities—the key is to land on the one that is powerful enough to strip the layers of paints on the surface that you plan to apply a new coat of paint.

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Advice on when and how to use a Heat Gun to strip paint and varnish safely. Understand when a heat gun can be most effective at getting paint, varnish and adhesives stripped quickly and easily. Also find out how a heat gun works and also what different nozzles are available and what each nozzle should be used for.

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Heat guns have a wide array of uses and are most commonly used to strip paint. They can also be used to dry out damp wood, bend plastic, soften adhesives and shrink wrapping. Wagner Power Products Heat Gun. Bosch


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