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Forcing hospitals and doctors to publish their secret price lists will not encourage healthier lifestyles. Food producers promoted this marketing trick to sell more food and boost profit margins. Biologists understand human behavior better than economists. Still, while no one should take that away, society also has a responsibility not to encourage behaviors because we are the ones who will pay the bill in the long run. According to pediatric researchers, most obese children simply eat too much. Medicare for All is not going to override mammalian instincts. It may be the only way to save the nation from a health-cost-induced bankruptcy.

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And no, most American children are not naturally husky.

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Americans are fat, sedentary and dying of bad health choices

Finally, Americans need to learn that dieting does not work. The proportion of Americans over the age of 20 with diabetes has risen from 10 percent in to almost 15 percent in , the last year that the Centers for Disease Control has analyzed. According to pediatric researchers, most obese children simply eat too much. Giving up potato chips for a month does nothing. Taxing sugary, harmful products to make them more expensive is unpopular but necessary. As a result, the life expectancy for the average American at birth has dropped, the CDC reports.

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