Sakura sasuke naruto

sakura sasuke naruto
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Giving Sai a reassured smile and apologizing for Naruto's actions, Sakura sends Sai a punch and automatically declares that she could care less if he doesn't forgive her, ending her sentence by threatening to not go easy on him the next time he insults or bad names Sasuke. Knowing well of the situation but distraught at the idea of killing Sasuke to prevent a war among the nations, a tearful Sakura agrees. With a saddened expression, the group is rebounded by this where Kakashi confirms to Sasuke that they also wanted to know with Naruto, who also jumps in and defends both Sakura and Kakashi. Sakura turns her attention to Sasuke and asks him what he meant when he wanted to become Hokage. However, instead of getting discouraged, a tearful Sakura vows to get stronger.

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sakura sasuke naruto

Before they could, they were approached by Sakura again, still determined to learn "the stranger's" connection to Sasuke.

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Sakura Uchiha Boruto Naruto The Movie, Naruto Shippuden Sakura png

Receiving the Cursed Mark from Orochimaru, Sasuke clutches Sakura's hand in pain and collapses in her arms. Although Sakura states she would rather die than endanger Sasuke, she is torn between her desire to protect him versus her wanting him to save her. Sasuke is left hospitalized after being mentally and physically tormented by his brother, Itachi. However, she secretly decides to take care of Sasuke on her own rather than let Naruto take that burden upon himself. After being rescued, Sakura turns her attention to Sasuke after being asked if she was alright by Naruto; pondering if Sasuke even cared for her. He then warns Sakura the threat they're facing and to be alert.

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