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I also think of how in this situation verbals and non-verbals are not contradicting one another for Black men. As a queer black man, it is a language I prioritize and respect- as it is largely the frame through which I came to know the world. The data reminds us that non-verbal communication is essential among many communities of Color. But for many, like me, they feel scared to be authentically themselves out of fear of being judged. Often, we assume that if we talk with partners about condom usage or other barrier methods that means action will follow.

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I am who I am, fuck what others may think or feel.

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How may this data influence our work with communities of Color? Thus, representing black gay sexuality as Black male emasculations simultaneously threatens heterosexual African American men, upholds Black male hyper-masculinity the invisibility of DL Black men and their redefinitinon as Black heterosexuals , and protects hegemonic White masculinity. In a world where racism and homophobia are intersectional , i had to develop a thick skin. In fact one straight Black man i counseld when he was a teenager, now in his 30s and working on his third degree, was one of my groomsmen. Whether it was challenging the men in their lives, schools, social service agencies—or the manager at the grocery store—black feminism was the language of the women who raised me. Lost and angry, Feminism gave me tools to dismantle the world: a map, books, and a lighter. Within a universe of Black masculinity, gay Black men pose a threat to a beleaguered Black male heterosexuality that strives to claim its place at a table dominated by representations of White controlled masculinity.

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