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The perforation of the nipple to apply jewelry has been practiced by various people throughout history. For a long time I could not understand why I should consent to such a painful operation without sufficient reason. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Most body piercing professionals will refuse to pierce a pregnant woman for this reason and because piercing causes stress on the body that could potentially complicate a pregnancy. The anthropologist Hans Peter Duerr traces the earliest known practice of female nipple piercing as a fashion statement to the Court of Queen Isabeau of Bavaria to , quoting Eduard Fuchs he describes that:.

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I found that the breasts of those who wore rings were incomparably rounder and fuller developed than those who did not.

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Whilst there are some arguments made against having a nipple piercing and breastfeeding, some experts state it is okay to pierce nipples. It is also recommended that the piercing be healed before breastfeeding. My doubts were now at an end Several complications resulting from nursing with nipple jewelry inserted can include poor latch , slurping, gagging, and milk leaking from the baby's mouth. Journal of the American Medical Association letter. However, the historian Lesley Hall has commented that these claims might be traced back to a few letters published in the magazine Society during , which can be judged as erotic fantasies rather than descriptions of actual activity.

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