Edith from despicable me

edith from despicable me
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The Gru family gets a call from the social worker and tells that they are coming to check that Gru's house is suitable for children. Eventually, they do unwittingly fulfill their purpose in Gru's master plan. Nefario intervenes, and sends the girls back to the orphanage. The next morning Edith, Margo and Agnes begin signing Gru up for online dating. Dana Gaier played her voice. When Gru and Lucy kiss each other during their wedding, Edith is the only one not enjoying the romance in the air and is later seen dancing with her family and being violently shaken by an overjoyed Agnes. The morning after Gru's disastrous date, Edith is surprised and confused by the heart-shaped pancakes Gru serves up for breakfast, usually preferring her pancakes to look like corpses.

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The girls then hold a second dance recital, with Gru, his mother, Nefario, and all of the minions attending.

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Edith from Despicable me

Not long after that, Gru's feelings for the girls almost causes him to give up his life's work. He promises to never let them go again. After Margo and Agnes briefly escape from a mutated Kevin, Edith is found playing ping pong with her nun-chucks down in the lab with the Minions and asks what is going on. Sign In Don't have an account? Edith and Margo express their disappointment in Gru, while Agnes still clings to the hope that he'll come back for them. Gru, in a surprising show of fatherhood, literally gives Vector the moon in return for his girls.

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