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There are images in the wattpad version, but it could be deleted again at any time. Foras also known as Forcas or Forrasis is a powerful President of Hell, being obeyed by twenty-nine legions of demons. A gold crown as big around as a barrel rests on the brow of his enormous cranium. For all of you ecchi haters, stay away. Release Schedule Update Wednesday, December 13,

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Louisa. Age: 24.
futa devil

To make life for him more difficult he discovers that William is also the reincarnation of Solomon, a man who Dantalion swore to serve.

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Grace. Age: 30.
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The Futa and the Devil (Futa Academy Book 3)

She is a Djinn who uses the 8th type of Magic, Life Magic. It has power equal to the Bael's power of Destruction. The Outsider Whales or Whatever said: Fifteen characters per person. His peerage is famously known for being one of the strongest young devils peerage. Delilah Dantalion, the leader of this peerage and the owner of the cafe, was also a waitress that served the cafe's customers. First version is the Web Novel, ending at Volume

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