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The hunt for only one race is racist. Drew: A small minority of Asian women in America get eyelid surgery. I love this… Asian trying to act like a white surfer boy!!! Asian women get Asian eyelid surgery for a reason, Asian women rasied in America are more likely to marry a white man than they are an Asian US govt stats for a reason, the term potato queen was coined for a reason. Not all young white men are racist douches. I am asian and definitely not self-hating nor inferior! How about body hair removal?

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Self-loathing knows no bounds! White guys do that A LOT, thinking that they can speak for people of color on racial issues. Your email address will not be published. When minorities moved to a place like the U. A 50 year old white of European descent almost always looks older than their counterpart of other groups. How about body hair removal? Another self hating Asian with an inferiority complex…sad.

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