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Now it looks like The Jesus Rolls is finally becoming a reality and we actually have a teaser trailer to prove it. This week we are hearing that two new Transformers movies are in the works with a couple of screenwriters being hired to develop them in parallel. Is this the fresh re-invention that the franchise desperately needs for its ninth installment? Jackson and Marisol Nichols also co-star. The original starred Jennifer Lopez, Ice Cube, Owen Wilson and Eric Stoltz as members of a documentary crew in the Amazon rainforest who are forced to help a snake hunter Jon Voight find and kill a giant green anaconda snake. We go into the trenches with , count down our top 10 movies of and announce the Junkies.

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Now Sony is looking to bring the series back to theatres with a fresh reboot.

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The Mandalorian

Jackson and Marisol Nichols also co-star. Spiral: From the Book of Saw hits theatres on May 15th; check out the trailer below and see what you think. Anaconda and it was released just a few years ago. The inevitable showdown involves fast cars, double decker buses and fighter jets but by far the biggest selling point for long-time fans is the return of another familiar face in search of justice. We are hearing that Egerton is circling the lead role in the upcoming remake of Little Shop of Horrors that is currently in development at Warner Brothers. Despite being overlooked by the Academy for his performance in Rocketman , Taron Egerton did win a Golden Globe and the movie proved to be a great showcase for his singing abilities. Hit the jump to find out what we know.

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