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After that, the Galactic Federation provides her with a new starship. To preserve her life and ensure that her status as the "Protector of the Galaxy" would come to pass, the Chozo infused their DNA within Samus, which granted her superhuman athleticism and a strong resistance to foreign environments. Bayonetta Bowser Bowser Jr. In addition, they trained her in combat by equipping her with one of their artifacts, the Power Suit. She was born and raised on the Earth mining colony K-2L, and when she was a child, the planet was raided by Space Pirates led by Ridley in an attack that killed her parents and destroyed the colony.

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The orphaned Samus was then found by a bird-like alien race known as the Chozo , who brought her to their home planet, Zebes.

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Retrieved February 24, She travels deep into the planet's caverns and after dispatching a Metroid Queen, Samus discovers a small Metroid hatchling, which imprints on her, thinking she is its mother. Archived from the original on February 28, Retrieved November 28, In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Retrieved October 16,

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