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There are provisions and policies in the constitution of the Philippines which promulgates that the sexual act should happen only within the framework of married life between a man and woman, because this personal human expression is solidly connected to the family unit and to society as a whole. These Filipino ethnic communities also permitted marriages between girls and boys who have reached the age of puberty. Although considered morally inappropriate, quiet homosexuality and heterosexual cohabitation have become socially accepted to a certain degree. In , a survey was done by Irala et al among 3, Filipino student teenagers regarding their opinions on relationships, love, sexuality, and related items. In 10th-century Philippines, the Chinese Limahong already introduced the concept of monogamy to ancient Filipinos, as exemplified in the cultural practices of the Ifugaos, the Negritos , and the Igorots. Ocampo described that during 19th-century Philippines the sexually attractive female body parts of the time were the "bare arms, a good neck or nape" and "tiny rosy feet".

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In addition to this, about one thousand years ago, the Filipino Ifugao people of northern central Philippines already had well-established values regarding marriage and sexuality.

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Sexuality in the Philippines

Media attention tends to focus on those areas catering to sex tourism , primarily through bars staffed by bargirls. The limitation was truncated by the Filipino tradition of not explicitly mentioning or showing images of the male and female sex organs even for educational purposes. Book Category Philippines portal. Research on population control , sexually transmitted diseases, premarital sex, sexual harassment , and AIDS began to be conducted during the s. Sexuality in ancient Rome Homosexuality in ancient Greece. Zablan, a demography professor from the Population Institute of the University of the Philippines , in relation to the views on sexuality by 11, Filipino youth whose ages ranged from 15 to 24 years old.

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