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What if you had a choice between a stick thin girl and a voluptuous but chubby girl, which bird would you go for? If a girl has a flat ass you don't need an ironing board,just ask her to bend over and voila! For those who don't believe, no proof is possible. Koreans don't have flat asses. Generally speaking, therefore, women with lower body fat have smaller butts.

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Giuliana. Age: 32.
big butt asian girls

Since most guys like to see croozn's avatar, I'd say hourglass.

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Claire. Age: 31.
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Login to the Beijinger No account? Most Chinese girls seem to think super skinny with no muscle tone is hot. These are lactation stores. But let's face it, most women aren't shaped like that. Re: what's the bottom line on Asian girl's flat derriere's. Log in or register to post comments. How the hell can anyone love a flat ass?

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