Gay doctor exams

gay doctor exams
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In Uganda, for example, anal exams are "the first line of investigation" when someone is arrested for homosexuality, said Adrian Jjuuko, director of the Human Rights Awareness and Promotion Forum, which often provides legal support in cases involving LGBT rights. And he thought it "would be shocking" to the Egyptian public if it were widely known that courts were continuing to treat examinations as serious evidence that were based on science that was years old. Medical leaders in some of the countries where these exams are used have called for their abolition, such as in Lebanon. The anus "won't be normal any more and will look like the female vagina. It's that beliefs about homosexuality are leading doctors — some of whom have done extensive and horrific research into perfecting diagnostic techniques — to believe that what they are doing is science.

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gay doctor exams

The tests are intended not just to determine whether someone has ever had anal sex, but also to detect "chronic homosexuals," because the letter of Egyptian law only criminalizes men who engage in "habitual debauchery.

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Egyptian Doctors Think This Torturous Exam Can Detect "Chronic Homosexuals"

They are smooth and lack the "corrugations" — wrinkles — found on "normal" anuses, he said. Maged Atef is a journalist based in Cairo. Some defendants who have undergone anal exams in Egypt describe open cruelty on the part of the doctors. Maged Louis picked up a pen and started sketching an oval with sharp points on both ends. And it's not clear, Reid said, whether "there's a collaboration between medical examiners and police to deliberately subject people to humiliation and torture, or medical examiners genuinely believe that this has some kind of a medical basis. More than people have been arrested on charges of homosexuality since President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi took power just under two years ago, the largest roundup of alleged LGBT people in more than a decade in Egypt.

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