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gay white slaves tumblr
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A Black Owned white piece-of-ass has no say at all. But it continued to get away with no one online knowing who it was, even though it was not able to delete and cover up everything. On the other it felt its deep down white destiny calling it to be a permanent Black Owned white bitch and whore. Moreover there is only one kind of Black Owned white piece-of-ass that is derived for Superior Blacks from natural born white female fuck meat or hormone and training sissified white shemale fuck meat. Another group member replied to it. Likewise, it fantasized that it could be neither a sissy nor a cross dresser, a claim that was not actually true. The white slave must constantly know that it will not be able to sit again in the next week if its Superior Black Owner decides to bullwhip it or have it bullwhipped.

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Under the threat of most severe punishment he wanted having to complete mean sissy assignments, thus experience the thrill of utmost humiliation and public disgrace.

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NBWO - The White Slave

The Black Owned white slave must also expect severe punishment for nothing but alleged sluggishness. In its fantasies it had hoped that its Black Superiors would make it very clear to it that they will not keep its perverted sexual fantasies just between it and them, but share them with their Black friends and anybody else. When it discovered its error, it worried more about what its friends, relatives, and others in the white community would gossip about it than what Blacks might do to acquire and use it as a Black Owned white whore. That allows Superior Blacks free and easy access to their feminized bare white asses when they assume the position or when they are just standing around. There are some professional shemale dommes in its area, and the Black Owned sissified white slave really should have to fear that its Superiors put it at the mercy of such a Lady with big boobs and an imposing cock between her legs. Whenever its Superior Black Owner or other Blacks approved by its Black Owner so desire, they may force the slave to wear a heavy iron punishment collar weighing several pounds. A slave, of course, has no other choice but to obey.

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