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Aristotle was wrong, it turns out. The rats began to jump like rabbits and sing like birds. To make sure that he had indeed found a place in the brain where tickling is processed, Ishiyama then stimulated that area with electrical currents. They quickly found that those cries of pleasure doubled. Your daily dose of news in health and medicine.

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Study is halted as HIV vaccine fails test in….

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Watch: Rats giggle when tickled — but only when the mood is right

He found that certain networks of neurons in a brain region called the somatosensory cortex began to fire when he tickled the rats. Ferrets also are quite ticklish in their armpits, with ferrety-giggles and pushing tickling hands away with their paws, but coming back for more. It gives us a way to approach it with experimental rigor. Study is halted as HIV vaccine fails test in…. What was surprising was that the same neurons in the somatosensory cortex fired while the rats were playing with his hand, as though the tickling was still going on. We have to process only the important stimuli.

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