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So far, her MMA career has gone off without a hitch. Her eldest has even dabbled in BJJ himself and says he wants to be a police officer and a fighter when he grows up. She points to her father—who died of cancer when she was a freshman in college—as evidence that you can do everything right, run four miles per day and still die at a young age. Eventually, she reluctantly signed up for Brazilian jiu-jitsu and was pleasantly surprised by the empowering feeling of learning to hold her own on the mats with people much larger than herself. She knows at that weight there won't be a lot of competition in the professional ranks. Growing up at 5'10", around pounds and self-described as "weirdly Hulk strong," she never fit society's cookie-cutter body-image expectations. Even back then, Parker says she struggled to feel like she completely belonged.

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Whereas in her previous life Parker felt she needed to keep the more aggressive parts of her personality under wraps, coach Eric Turner constantly encouraged her by saying: "Just be you, Olivia.

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Now, she's just blossomed into a very different person. I realize now that I can do anything. The transformation and added energy that have come along with her involvement in martial arts have mixed into other parts of Parker's life, too. A shoulder injury her senior year of college put her out of touch with her athletic side. In her fourth fight, she was tested, got stuck on the ground beneath a much larger opponent and still battled her way back for the win. At the time, Parker says she thought an adult life meant a sedentary life, and without sports to keep her moving, she got out of shape.

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