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Two of the hottest Divas in WWE history pranced around in their bikinis for more than five minutes, and following the contest, Torrie planted a sensual kiss on Sable. But if you think we're going to see Kelly Kellly do this on next week's edition of Monday Night Raw, then keep on dreaming. I think the main reason why we don't see Divas in towels too much anymore is to prevent stuff like this from happening. In all seriousness, though, many may have forgotten that K2 made her WWE debut on ECW as an exhibitionist who performed in "Kelly's Expose" and would strip down to basically nothing. As Dawn Marie says herself, she was gonna "go wild" like those girls on Girls Gone Wild pay-per-view shows like to do.

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Alianna. Age: 22.
wwe naked moments

Not that she was even showing all that much skin, but I'm sure this is deemed "too hot for TV" now that the PG rating is here.

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Elise. Age: 23.
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WWE Divas: 20 Moments That Would Never, Ever Happen in the PG Era

I use the term "bathing suit top" loosely because all it was was some acrylic paint on a pair of double Ds. Once upon a time, the Divas were a huge part of the WWE and not because of their talents in the ring. This is a video package with WWE Diva Ivory trying on lingerie for a photo shoot, and it ends with her wearing a bra that is quite obviously-see through. Does Vince McMahon realize that he actually put two of his stars in a bed in the middle of the ring and had them simulate sex? Trish Stratus must have done something wrong, because she was always being forced to take her clothes off.

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