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You never thought you were going to see Shakira on this list, did you?! There she is; all set to blow your mind with her rounder-than-earth caboose! Worst engineering disasters Misc. Oh boy, that's some hot ass meat hiding under that blue bottom. Subscribe to our newsletter to get the latest scoop right to your inbox. Kylie's derriere looks as if Aphrodite, the Greek Goddess of Sex, pumped some hot air into it and then locked the whole thing up with a butt plug!

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Amya. Age: 32.
big ass celebrity

Oh boy, that's some hot ass meat hiding under that blue bottom.

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Shelby. Age: 28.
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12 Big Booty Celebrities In Hollywood

Mysterious Underwater Cities Random. The best things in the universe are round, and a girl's booty is one of them! Holy moly, Minka Kelly has some squishy cushies on her ass bone, and boy, isn't she blessed with a nice, fit, and first-rate bubble butt?! Anyway, bruh, we aren't here to research and find out whether her booty is fake or real! But, never, never, miss checking the following collection of pictures of 12 Hollywood celebrities with big, round, and sexy buttocks!

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