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Sign In Don't have an account? At the time, she claimed she was betrayed time after time, and couldn't rely or trust anyone. Eventually she and Nic returned to the mining camp to see if they could find anymore Power Gems ; unfortunately, the lab door was locked and neither could open it. The trio eventually agreed to serve her, but only if she helped them recover their much more valued comrade, Lightning Lynx , who was residing in the Dragon Kingdom. As they walked, he confronted her about lying and her disappearances.

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Scourge would later question Patch if she was with them when they arrived back in Moebius, stating that she was smarter than the Suppression Squad for getting out "when the going was good".

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Primary Cilia and Mammalian Hedgehog Signaling

Inside they discovered a Power Gem - as well as Ray, who had apparently been stuck in a form of suspended animation by the gem. The three then went out in an attempt to rescue Fiona but ultimately failed to free her. She became indignant, but all was soon explained when Scourge showed up; Fiona was in love with the evil hedgehog. Because of his conflicted feelings between Fiona and Sonic, he did not tell the latter what he had learned. Once Sonic and Tails were subdued, she told them they had something to "discuss"- namely an alliance that would meet with her own ends.

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