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I used this effect on the Yuzu spread eagle GIF above too. In case you have to compromise, I would recommend not going lower than:. My note here is that you might want to err on the side of brighter and more contrasting for your footage, because when it is converted to GIF, it will lose quite a few colors and the result is often less vibrant than the footage. If you know of any app that could replace PS, do let me know in the comments. Some skating footage can have a yellow tint to it because of the light reflecting off the ice surface. It covers all or most of the basics, the explanation is easy to understand and follow along.

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If you are interested in GIF-making, especially for Tumblr, or are just curious to discover something new, read on.

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So there are 3 main steps in this GIF-making process: 1 find the footage 2 edit the footage and 3 convert the edited footage into GIFs. If you know of any app that could replace PS, do let me know in the comments. For a gifset with 3 columns, like this. I like to start with Curves to adjust the brightness and contrast to my liking. Use Selective Color to target-correct the color you want to focus on. If you have never attempted nor have any intention of one day tinkering with GIFs, feel free to scroll past this. You can also skip this altogether and do your editing in Photoshop - though I personally would not recommend it.

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