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fiora old hair
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Comparisions of the in-game model. Mike Williams Reviews Editor M. If you click on one and make a purchase we may receive a small commission. Fiora's original splash art The last one is a bit hard to swallow, considering one of the other recent Champion Updates was Miss Fortune , who remained largely the same. Will the changes certain fans want be coming?

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fiora old hair

Some fans dislike the changes made to Fiora, despite the fact that those changes were made by specific choices of the creators.

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League of Legends' Fiora Redesign Tests the Limits of "Creative Freedom"

Something I've written about before. It might touch them financially depending on which direction they choose to go, but the freedom remains. They may retract or change what they've already put out into the world. I'm sure there are those who prize pure creative freedom above all else, but I've rarely found them when it comes to discussing entertainment. Looking on the official forums , you'll find a lot of discontent about the visual changes. Fiora's original splash art

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