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Why is the world still prioritising male interpretation of women over womankind? Nowadays, nakedness is as likely to be associated with female liberation as it is with oppression. From breastfeeding in public to protesting topless, women have happily been baring their breasts to the world.

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They create an unflattering comparison but also an unobtainable ideal. I wanted to rehumanise women through honest photography. Dodsworth interviewed each woman at length, starting by asking them how they felt about their breasts.

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Header image by Blairc64 [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons. In the past, summer meant at least one guy yelling "Shit, look at her tits! I'd ignore him and he'd call me a slut — because, when it was warm out, I sometimes had the gall to wear a tank top out in public.

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Shock Absorber sports bras are a great innovation for the ladies and maybe even some guys with man breasts, especially for marathon runners and intense exercisers, who cite examples of conventional bras actually cutting into them. Those brassieres have been around for a while, though, but the real eye-opener is the way the company demonstrates the characteristics of its products with its Bounce -O-Meter, a Flash app on its website. It lets you input a bra and cup size and then simulates what happens to those magnificent mamms under various exercise conditions, starting with naked breasts NSFWthen a normal bra, and ultimately the Shock Absorber sports bra.

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There have been many news stories as of late regarding public breastfeeding, and the issues that arise when mothers are caught feeding their children in view of others. Many people feel that breastfeeding is a natural act and should be allowed and respected in any forum, while others are of the opinion that breastfeeding should be done in a more private setting. With all the attention as of late, one public breastfeeding activist group has decided that it is time to take a stand.

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Bare-chested marchers mark International Go Topless Day with a walk down mammary lane as they get their feelings over equality off their chests. New York boob-lovers enjoyed their best day bra none when thousands of women took to the streets of the Big Apple minus a top. The famous city could have been renamed Nude York as protesters gathered for a march in midtown Manhattan.

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So take off all your clothes A shirt, perhaps? As long as you're not dining at the Four Seasons, go for it!

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Question: A friend of mine was at a parade on Canal Street and told me that his girlfriend got a coconut. Apparently, she had to bare her breasts to get one. Can you tell me the story behind that? Answer: She didn't have to bare her breasts.

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Toplessness refers to the state in which a woman's breastsincluding her areola and nipplesare exposed, especially in a public place or in a visual medium. The male equivalent is barechestednessalso commonly called shirtlessness. Exposed breasts were and are normal in many indigenous societies.

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So where do we stand with the law in this country, and when is semi-nudity considered acceptable and unacceptable? In our article Topless or Not? After all, given the merest glimpse of sunshine, our male counterparts can and do take their tops off all over the country, regardless of how toned their six-pack might or might not be, or how likely their beer bellies are to put us off our sandwiches! Yes, our mammaries are undeniably sexual organs, but when bare breasts are so readily available online, on TV and in our daily newspapers, why is it considered either deeply offensive or overly titillating for us to catch some rays sans shirt?


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