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PrestonT needed a new illustration or graphics design and created a contest on 99designs. It's our goal to combine all of these styles in one easy to use diagram that shows each one in succession starting from the Brazilian all the way to the style that offers the least amount of waxing possible. In addition, there are also many different terms being used for each of these styles which becomes even more confusing to not only the public but us as well.

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If you want to dare to go bare, but not that bare, consider a French bikini wax. It's the stop between a regular wax and a Brazilian. If you're familiar with the Brazilian waxyou know that everything goes.

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Waxing isn't exactly a standard dinner-table topic, so most people looking for a first-time wax tend to get their information on the subject from the internet. The problem with that is, when it comes to Hollywood and Brazilian waxes, people often conflate the two. This very quickly becomes a problem when, come waxing time, you ask the technician for something you don't actually want.

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Getting a bikini wax can be an exciting experience, and one great thing to think about is the many bikini wax styles you can choose from. But with so many styles to choose between, it can feel a little overwhelming to read through all the options of wax designs for your bikini wax! Reading the options for your wax can sometimes feel like a Geography lesson, and who has time for that? Here are the top three most common styles you can request for your wax: the French, the Brazilian, and the Hollywood.

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That's where the French bikini wax comes in. It's not quite the bare-all Hollywood wax. But, rest assured, nothing will stick out if you decide to wear a skimpier bottom.

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Brazilian, French or Bikini wax? What's the difference? If you thought that a regular bikini wax was all you could choose, take heed.

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When it comes to hair removal down there, it's easy to get confused by all the different bikini wax styles and salon lingo. But don't worry, because we're making things a lot simpler, so next time you head to the salon you know exactly what to ask for. Now you can find out what all the names, shapes and techniques mean, from Brazilian to Hollywood waxes, we've covered them all.

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With a little preparation, a bikini wax can be a quick, routine procedure that leaves you hair-free for at least several weeks. Make sure you choose a reputable practitioner, prepare your bikini area, and treat redness and minor pain appropriately. Do your homework, look at reviews and make sure hygiene is taken into consideration.

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Bikini wax styles: All the shapes and confusing salon lingo, explained. A French wax differs from other styles like a Brazilian as most of the. A French bikini wax differs from a Brazilian or bare-all Hollywood wax.

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Today, my topic is differences between regular bikini wax, Brazilian wax and French wax. If you want to get some waxing done down there and you are a first timer and not sure how much hair you want to remove, then you need to get familiar with three common kinds of waxing regimes; normal bikini wax, French bikini wax and Brazilian wax. Yes it is important to know the difference, so you can decide which to one opt for, especially if you are a first timer.


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