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anime cross dresser
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It's a waste of time getting to that ending. She's a very strong character and a mother figure and confidante who is very understanding and supports the others. Fujisaki's backstory and his continued support to his friends even after his own death make him one of the best characters from the Danganronpa series in my opinion, but his early death makes it hard for me to give him any more credit since you couldn't get too attached to the character. Say he doesn't count if you want, but I did say that the only requirement was habitual crossdressing, which he meets. Paradise Kiss is one of the best anime I've ever watched, and Isabella was one of my favorite characters despite not getting nearly as much development as the other characters. Where's Sena Izumi from Love Stage?

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She and the male lead, George, were childhood friends, and when she at the time a "he" confessed that she wanted to be a girl and wear dresses but couldn't because she was a boy, George spends all night making a dress for her.

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The Best Crossdressing Anime of All Time

Outside of school she does dress in a way that seems masculine, but I don't think it's intentionally to crossdress. He's one of the most good-natured characters I can remember off he top of my head, and it's a shame he was killed. However, just because you have crappy things happen to you doesn't mean you have the right to be a crappy person. Now, in all honesty, I just watched this one recently, and in even more honesty, it's why I decided to make this list. I mean, I had to take a break from writing this blog because the new episode of Rakugo was posted. She wants to seem more mature like her sister so she cuts off her hair, making her appear boyish, which catches the attention of the other students in her all-girl school. Featured post I Found You, Jinta!

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