Sperm shower

sperm shower
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Many questions on the Lilli about the survival time of sperm are asked in such a way that one gets the feeling that the writer thinks that sperm "function" similarly to germs, and that one can "infect" oneself with them. First, she wipes off the vulva and does not insert the toilet paper into the vagina. And even if she did, she certainly won't use dripping toilet paper from sperm. Sperm are extremely sensitive. Once you've read our text, you'll probably notice for yourself: If you're alone somewhere, you don't get pregnant.

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And even if a lot of sperm flows and the material is so thin that something gets through, it is still not enough for the sperm to make the long way through the vagina and cervix and the uterus into the fallopian tube.

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Sperm shower

In a sealed, sterile container , sperm are able to survive for several hours because the fluid does not dry so quickly there. All infos and tipps on the topic How can I prevent an unwanted pregnancy? And then they can no longer penetrate the underwear or other clothes. Some may survive longer, but in any case they are no longer fertile. Since sperm need a sufficient amount of seminal fluid to make its way through the vagina up into the uterus, no woman becomes pregnant from touching something that is not wet and where there might be some tiny, invisible droplets on it.

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