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Not as violent as games like 'Call Of Duty' and 'Battlefield 3' but it's got a lot of shooting in. The sniper Mordecai drinks a little bit, but that is only twice. If a robot has 10 million health and you have a gun with bullets doing damage a piece, and your grenades do 1 million damage a hit, how many grenades will you need to kill. Turn off gore in settings Explained above 2. Although it has the word booty in it, it is not highly sexual, at all.

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Parents' Ultimate Guide to The drugs are acceptable, and there is not much drinking or drugs at all, just a few instances where people smoke and drink, but no noticeable drugs. There is blood, and gore when you kill and attack enemies, but not very noticeable while playing. This title contains: Positive role models. Facebook Twitter Pinterest Email Print.

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