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What is causing this and how can we prevent it so we don't loose any more tomatoes? It sounds like blossom end rot BER. It's caused by a calcium imbalance.

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I harvested my first three tomatoes yesterday but all of them were black on the bottom, and when I tried to cut off the black part, it extended up into the heart of the tomato. What is causing this? It sounds like blossom end rot.

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Blossom end rot is a common tomato problem associated with growing conditions. It affects tomato fruit. Stems and leaves show no symptoms.

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I have Roma tomatoes growing and are starting to have fruit. I've found some of the new fruit has black spots on the bottom. I cut one open and it seemed fine.

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As tomatoes reach the half-grown stage, the fruits that may seem fine otherwise can begin to develop hardened brownish areas along the bottom. These gradually grow in size and turn leathery and black by the time the fruit ripens into redness. This symptom, which can also occur on related members of the nightshade family, such as peppers and eggplantsis usually a condition known as blossom end rot BER.

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Are black spots appearing on your tomatoes? Learn what causes black spots to appear. Find out what steps you can take to prevent them from appearing on your tomatoes again.

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Who put this disgusting black scab on the bottom of my beautiful tomato? Blossom end rot is caused by two things: a lack of calcium and inconsistent watering. However, you can still save the plant and any remaining tomatoes it produces.

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From his early days, Brandon helped his grandmother in her garden. He was always passionate about tomatoes. Are your tomatoes turning black on the tip? Whether they are just tiny black spots on the bottom or if they are far worse and make your tomatoes seem rotten, this problem has a name, a rather scary one at that: tomato blossom end rot.

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Bottom end rot, or blossom end rot as it is commonly known, is not caused by bacteria or a virus, but by environmental conditions. An otherwise normally developing fruit develops a tan or brown spot on the bottom. The spot spreads and becomes thick and leathery.

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A water soaked spot at the blossom end of tomato fruits is the classic symptom of blossom end rot. This relatively common garden problem is not a disease, but rather a physiological disorder caused by a calcium imbalance within the plant. My heirloom tomatoes are starting to ripen but they have ugly black spots on the bottom. What is going on?


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