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Nudity is uncommon in anime, but finding nudity in anime that is based on a console video game is especially rare. So though the nudity has surprised many for this series, in reality nude scenes have long been a tradition for this franchise. Unfortunately, the BD version of Kampfer was a massive disappointment, removing none of the censorship and proving the series to be a total waste of time despite its massive potential. This was a huge surprise given its near-iconic status in the early s. Kiddy Grade was a typical early s action anime. With that said, here my top 25 surprise nude scenes in anime history:. Kuriko and Chihaya are envisioned in the nude.

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Madelyn. Age: 30.
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Amaenaideyo , aka Ah my Buddha!

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Deborah. Age: 25.
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The Top 25 most surprising nude scenes ever

Suddenly and without warning, they are both transported into an out of body experience, and this time there would be no holding back. Then just minutes later, the youngest and least likely to be nude character walks right up bra-less see above. The sixth BD failed to add frontal nudity to any of the episodes, but it did something rather epic in the final disc special. Not just because the girls are young, but because it was at odds with the mood of the anime. Up until the winter season of they had never animated so much as a single nipple, but that ended with not one but two animes that season the other being Vividred Operation. There were some reasons to think that Maburaho , a decently funny ecchi comedy, would have some nudity potential. Kuriko and Chihaya are envisioned in the nude.

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