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James Hawkins of Joystick Division ranked her as the sixth-top "badass lady" in video games in , chosen for fearlessness. During the first season, she is an ally of Guile who has a flirtatious relationship with him, and is eventually made part of his team. The camouflage of her legs was replaced with blue stains in the shape of lightning bolts. Shadaloo Cammy is approximately 16 years old. Cammy is one of the most popular characters in the series, often winning fan polls regarding who they want to see in new Street Fighter titles and spin-offs.

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Abby. Age: 26.
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The games explore her backstory as one of the evil M.

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Yareli. Age: 22.
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Retrieved 23 November She wants to see herself as a protector of others as noted in her Street Fighter V story where she is seen taking care of Juni and looking out for her as she recovers from being a brainwashed Doll. Cammy has no memory of anything leading up to that moment, but a terrorist attack on the embassy suddenly triggers her latent fighting ability and she foils the threat, after which Delta Red promptly sign her on as a member. In addition to being a popular subject of cosplay , [65] with her lookalike contests being organized in Japan by , [66] Cammy has been rated highly among the Street Fighter characters by many media outlets. Cammy has continued to be critically acclaimed for her sex appeal for many years.

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